Television and movies sometimes like to make fun of the practice of psychiatry and treat its relevance in a trivial light. For example, a dad unintentionally scares his children when he jumps into their bedroom dressed as a clown and mom is heard saying, “Well, I guess we’ll be using those college savings for years of therapy bills instead.” In reality, millions of men and women seek psychiatric treatment for genuine and serious problems of depression, abuse, and relationship problems. Their medical diagnoses are much more than a punch line. In no legitimate course will a hopeful doctor learn that having sex with a patient is part of an approved cure. In fact, such an act will instead result in professional, and possible criminal, consequences.
Doctor Alan T. Lloyd has been reprimanded by the Texas Medical Board for his decision to have sex with a patient who was seeking his counsel for depression and thoughts of suicide. Lloyd treated the woman in Houston from 2003 until 2007 and now lives with her in San Antonio. He unsuccessfully attempted to convince the board that the intimate relationship did not begin until the doctor/patient relationship had ended. The over-friendly doctor now must take a course on “professional boundaries,” pay a $10,000 fine, and pass a medical bar exam within a year. If these steps are not completed, Lloyd will have his medical license suspended. Texas law does make it illegal for doctors to have sex with patients, so Dr. Lloyd still could face criminal charges.
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