The Texas Medical Board’s regulation of medical practitioners includes many aspects. It has the responsibility of screening for initial licensure and of maintaining the standards of the profession by enforcing adherence to ongoing licensure requirements. This includes the right to suspend or revoke the licenses of physicians after a complaint has been made where it finds the physician to have broken a Board rule, to have violated the professional standard of care, or to have violated the Texas Medical Practice Act. When this happens, many physicians wonder whether it might be possible to have their license reinstated.
The answer is a qualified “yes.”
In the case of suspension of licensure, Board rules do make provision for reinstatement of a medical license—so long as strict requirements are met. A full year following the effective date of the suspension, the doctor must submit, in writing, a request to the Compliance Division of the Texas Medical Board showing evidence that they have met every stipulation required by the probation of the suspension.
In the case of revocation of licensure, a physician must complete an application for reissuance of a license. This comes with an application fee. Moreover, the doctor must be able to show that they have complied in full with licensure eligibility requirements—those that apply at the time of reissuance, not at the time of their initial licensure, if they have changed in any way. This may be exceedingly difficult to do in the case that revocation occurred as a result of criminal behavior.
In both cases, a re-applicant usually will need to attend a proceeding. The practitioner whose license has been suspended must attend a “probationer show compliance proceeding.” The doctor whose license has been revoked must appear before a Board committee, where a determination will be made regarding whether or not the Board will reissue the practitioner’s medical license.

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