If a complaint has been filed against you with a professional licensing board, your livelihood, career, and reputation are on the line. This is likely an emotional and stressful time for you. Understandably, you may want to talk with colleagues about the complaint that has been lodged against you. Perhaps you want to ask for their opinion or seek support. However, as a general rule you should not discuss the matter with anyone other than your attorney.
Your Colleagues May Be Called as Witnesses Against You
The licensing board may call your colleagues, bosses, peers, or staff to be witnesses in the case against you. Also, during the investigation process the licensing board may speak with any of these people regarding the complaint against you. These people may repeat anything you say during a conversation with them. Moreover, if they are also licensed professionals, they may have a duty to report certain information (such as evidence a violation occurred) to their licensing board.
We strongly encourage you not to speak to any of your colleagues or others with whom you work about a board complaint against you. Even if you feel you can trust a person, you do not want to do anything that will harm your ability to defend you license. Moreover, you do not want to put your colleagues in an ethical quandary or in the position of having to be an adverse witness against you.
Attorney-Client Privilege
The things you share with your attorney are privileged and confidential. Your license defense attorney has a duty to keep all of your communications confidential. There are very few limitations on attorney-client privilege. This is why discussing your board complaint with only your attorney is the best course of action.
Any discussions you have about the complaint with a third party have the potential to damage your defense. These conversations are not protected from disclosure, and in fact the person you speak to may have a duty to disclose what was discussed about the matter. Even if you believe the complaint against you is meritless, if you say the wrong thing to a colleague or they misinterpret what you say, the consequences can be disastrous.
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