When a Texas pharmacist is confronted with a complaint or allegation that threatens their livelihood, a full-fledged defense is absolutely called for. There is a multitude of actions or circumstances that may result in various levels of discipline, and an experienced license defense attorney can aid in putting forth the strongest case for the lowest possible level of—or even no—disciplinary action.
In Texas, the Texas State Pharmacy Board is charged with licensing pharmacists and with overseeing the maintenance of their licenses. The numerous causes for discipline and their potential disciplinary outcomes are outlined in the Texas Administrative Code. Among these causes are: engaging in unprofessional conduct (defined in TAC Rule 281.7 as “engaging in behavior or committing an act that fails to conform with the standards of the pharmacy profession, including, but not limited to, criminal activity or activity involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, or corruption”); dependency on or abuse of alcohol or controlled substances (given the nature of the profession and the ready availability of such substances to a practitioner); engaging in deceit, fraud, or misrepresentation either in the act of practicing as a pharmacist or in the process of seeking a license to practice; or taking some sort of action that indicates “gross immorality,” such as committing a felony, committing a sexually deviant act or being required to register as a sex offender, or committing some sort of act that is “willful, flagrant, and shameless, and which shows a moral indifference to standards of the community” (Rule 281.7(b)).
The Pharmacy Board’s slate of potential remedies for alleged violation of the professional standards of conduct ranges from such actions as a simple reprimand (in the case of, for example, first-case offenses of a non-essential nature), through fines and suspension of licenses to practice, all the way to revocation of licenses to practice.
Any such disciplinary action is a threat to a pharmacist’s livelihood.
If you are a pharmacist and you find your license threatened by allegations that have been brought to the Pharmacy Board, contact us. Our law firm helps professionals, like you, keep their licenses when those licenses are under attack by a state agency or board. Our experienced license defense attorneys have successfully helped pharmacist clients resolve a wide range of complicated legal matters involving professional license defense. We know how to navigate the complaint process, gather evidence, question witnesses, and prepare powerful defenses against allegations of misconduct.
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