While there is no requirement in Texas to obtain a license in order to title oneself a “dietitian,” anyone wishing to refer to oneself as a “Licensed Dietitian” or a “Provisionally Licensed Dietitian” must obtain a license from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. A practitioner of Dietetics is engaged in the application of up-to-date scientific information regarding the effects of food and nutrition on the human body and mind. This information is of great benefit to the people of Texas, as it aids them in maintaining their health and well-being.
Texas consumers can feel secure knowing that a licensed practitioner has met the stringent requirements in order to earn their license under the TDLR Dietitians program. It’s a matter of professional pride to know and meet the standards of the profession—something of a promise to consumers that best practices are being used by the practitioner—and with this accomplishment comes a certain cachet of respectability. Yet this can all be put at risk by the receipt of a complaint against a Licensed Dietitian’s license.
When TDLR receives a formal complaint against a Licensed Dietitian, it will first examine the complaint to determine whether it has jurisdiction over the allegations included therein. If it determines it does, it will launch an investigation. It will also send a letter informing the licensee. This is usually the first notice a licensee receives about the complaint’s existence. It’s a harrowing moment in any licensee’s life—especially when a Licensed Dietitian knows they have done nothing to deserve such a complaint and never saw it coming.
This is the moment to contact an experienced professional license defense attorney. The notice letter will request that the practitioner responds to the allegations. The manner in which this response is made is key to defining—and containing—the scope of the investigation to come. It’s important to know what to include and what to leave out.

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