We know that becoming a dentist in Texas is no walk in the park. It’s a tremendous commitment to a life full of sacrifices, a dedication to excellence, and requires spending a great deal of money—or taking on a heap of debt—to boot. While the act of obtaining a license to practice in Texas is itself fairly by-the-book, it is only the very last step on a long journey to becoming—and then comes the difficult task of engaging in the practice. And a single formal complaint filed with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners can bring the entire enterprise tripping down.
For one thing, there was all the education a dentist takes on. Not only is there the undergraduate degree, which most dentists-to-be may obtain only by taking out loans, but then comes the dental degree—and the years of debt-gathering continue. When at last the time comes to get that license, the average dental student has amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. The time spent studying to obtain that dental degree can’t be set aside—nor can all of the hours of clinical work, and even perhaps residency. And even the time and money spent studying for the licensure exam should be factored in. If a dental student goes straight through, without any gap years, they come out the other end nearing thirty—without yet having earned a cent from their chosen career.
Then, having passed the licensure exam, the dentist is faced with the challenge of actually finding a job—at the same time, they are trying to build a life the way most of their peers in other fields have been doing for nearly a decade. Some join a private practice; some hang their own shingle. And their career is off to a start at last. At which point, they must continue to attend conferences and continuing education classes. The time and money they spend to practice the profession they love is truly mind-boggling.
So when a formal complaint made against a dentist’s license threatens to make null and void all of that effort, you’re darn right it’s worth fighting for.

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