Specialists in equine dentistry perform a remarkable service for the horses and horse-owners of Texas. While equine dentistry can be done by licensed veterinarians and veterinary technicians (in the latter case, only when a veterinarian is supervising and directing them), there is a special license for Equine Dental Providers. And the loss of that license can mean a devastating blow to a practitioner’s career.
Equine Dental Providers in Texas are approved to perform procedures in the oral cavity of a horse, such as those that reshape or extract teeth, those that treat diseased teeth via endodontic procedures or restoration, those that remove plaques, stains, and soft deposits above the gum line, and those that file down the continuously-erupting teeth of horses. They may also take images via dental radiography.
According to Section 571.6 of the Texas Administrative Code, in order to be accepted for licensure by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, an applicant must have met specific criteria. In the words of that statute,

(a) To be eligible for licensure as an equine dental provider, an applicant must present satisfactory proof to the Board that the applicant:

(1) has obtained at least a passing score of 85 on the EDPE; and

(2) is certified by the International Association of Equine Dentists or other Board-approved entity.

(b) The Board may refuse to issue an equine dental provider license to an applicant who meets the qualification criteria but is otherwise subject to denial of license as provided in Texas Occupations Code §801.401 and §801.402.

If the Board receives a complaint against an equine dental provider’s license, they may launch an investigation that leads to discipline, up to and including possible revocation of that license. Should you find yourself the subject of such a complaint, BERTOLINO LLP can help. We are experienced professional license defense attorneys and we know how to navigate the complaint process. We are prepared to represent you at any legal hearing or proceeding regarding your real estate license.
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