As a paramedic or EMT you have dedicated your career to helping people who are in urgent need of medical attention. You are the people who save us and our loved ones in emergency situations. We understand you’ve gone through extensive training to earn you Emergency Medical Services (EMS) certification or license in Texas. But a single complaint can destroy your livelihood, and all the hard work invested to build it.
If you are facing a complaint against your EMS license or certificate, turn to the EMT and paramedic license defense attorneys at BERTOLINO LLP to protect your career.
Complaints Filed Against Emergency Medical Service Personnel
Texas has five levels of EMS certification. The highest is Licensed Paramedic, followed by EMT-Paramedic, Advanced EMT, EMT-Basic and Emergency Care Attendant (ECA).
Complaints may be filed against EMS workers with the EMS Compliance Group, which is part of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The EMS Compliance Group investigates complaints made against EMS licensees or certificate holders, EMS personnel, EMS providers, EMS first responder organizations, EMS education programs, EMS course coordinators, and EMS instructors.
Some of the most common complaints investigated by the EMS Complaint Group include:

  • Patient care issues;
  • Failure to follow protocol and provide the Department with requested information;
  • Failure to appropriately document treatment and medication administration;
  • Practicing with an expired license/certificate;
  • Equipment/supplies/medication deficiencies;
  • Drug diversion;
  • Criminal conduct;
  • Reckless operation of an ambulance; and
  • Unprofessional conduct which might endanger the public.

If the Department finds that an allegation has merit, you might face disciplinary action as severe as license revocation or a hefty administrative penalty.
When a complaint is received, the EMS Compliance Group of DSHS will first determine if it has jurisdiction to act on the complaint. Then the complaint is reviewed to determine if a violation of the Emergency Health Care Act or the Texas EMS rules occurred. If the complaint is jurisdictional and possible violations have occurred, then a formal investigation will be opened and assigned to an investigator.
The case investigator will notify the EMS licensees or EMS entity under investigation. At this stage the investigator is gathering additional information. This process is generally conducted by mail, email, or phone interviews. In some cases on-site visits are performed. This is your opportunity to provide all relevant information and respond to the complaint against you.
Defending Your EMS Certification or License
Your initial responses to the complaint will impact the ultimate outcome of the investigation. As soon as you are notified by the EMS Compliance Group investigator of a complaint filed against you, we urge you to contact an EMT license defense attorney immediately. Our Firm believes that immediately consulting an experienced professional license defense attorney to review allegations of misconduct helps ensure the most favorable outcome in your case.
After the investigation is completed, the case is reviewed by the Enforcement Review Committee (ERC). The ERC will determine if a violation of EMS laws or regulations occurred, and if so, what disciplinary action should be taken.
The attorneys of BERTOLINO LLP know how to build a persuasive case to protect your license and your livelihood. Our results speak for themselves.
Our law firm helps professionals, like you, keep their licenses when those licenses are under attack by a state agency or board.
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