The amazing document that is the Constitution affords Americans many rights that apply to all of us, regardless of our race or gender or income level. We have the freedom to speak out against our government. We can worship as we please, or choose not to worship at all. And, even if a person is engaged in alleged criminal activity, perhaps already guilty in the court of public opinion, he is entitled to measures of personal safety during arrest, a fair and speedy trial, and then a just punishment if one is deemed necessary.
Several months ago, Kenneth Christopher Lucas died after being arrested and placed in the Harris County Jail. The final medical examiner’s report was released just last week and it revealed that Lucas died of hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease during physical restraint. The act is being treated as a homicide.
Essentially, it appears that the steps taken by officers were a shock to the already weakened or damaged system of Mr. Lucas. With the investigation ongoing, it may be a jury that decides who ultimately was at fault in the death of this 39-year-old man.
It is in cases like this one in which we see if every person is judged equally under the law or how much the circumstance and personalities involved allow for legal interpretation. We just need to remember that our laws are only as strong as the most difficult instances in which they are expected to stand.
Mr. Lucas’ family still wants answers to what happened at the jail and the continuing investigation hopefully will provide some closure.
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