ItΓcos hard not to take it personally dealing with unfounded complaints

In today’s online world, it has become increasingly easier for consumers to file complaints—and sometimes now at lightning speed. Customers or patients may be feeling emotional for a variety of reasons, often reacting too quickly to a situation or outcome and pressing the send button before they consider the ramifications of their actions.
While many complaints filed are valid and must be investigated to protect the public, many more are baseless and cause enormous and undue strain on the licensees. If the investigative process continues at length, the licensee may begin to worry seriously about the future of their career, as well as supporting their families.
Coping with Unfounded Allegations Can Be Extremely Stressful
Whether you are a doctor, a contractor, a real-estate agent, or one of the many other types of licensees in Texas, if an unfounded complaint has been filed against you with a state licensing board or department, you may be experiencing substantial duress. This is completely understandable. For example, you may be a physician who endured years of medical school and training and then went on to build a practice consisting of many patients you really care about.  Being accused of misconduct or an ethics violation probably seems like one of the worst things that has ever happened to you; and indeed, this is a very serious issue.
Avoid Isolating Yourself—Reach Out for Support
Not only do you need an aggressive and experienced license defense firm like BERTOLINO LLP on your side, but you also need as much support from family and friends as possible.
An unfounded complaint may cause you to feel extremely frustrated, and even self-critical as you worry about what you could have done to prevent such a situation. Like anyone going through a stressful ordeal, you might also be tempted to isolate yourself, wanting to hide away from the world until the investigative process is over. Just weeks previous to notification of the allegations, you probably felt confident and inspired about your work. Now, you may be anxious, depressed, and downright angry. You have every reason to be feeling emotional in the face of a grievance you know has no merit.
Work with Your Attorney in Fighting to Protect Your Future
With the help of an experienced attorney, however, your focus should be on fighting to protect your license, as well as continuing to maintain a sense of pride and professionalism in your work. In any career, dealing with problems and complaints is usually considered to be the unfortunate price of doing business. While it may seem that one letter or phone call is now ruining your life, this is the time to focus on the importance of your career, show your strength, and put as much emotional distance between yourself and the issue as possible.
Take Stress Management Seriously
Take control of the process as much as possible. Focus on working with your attorney on an aggressive course of action to preserve your license, reputation, and career. At the same time, be aware that stress can take a toll physically as well as emotionally, and it is important to reach out for all necessary help so you do not develop or exacerbate other health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and more.
You may also be able to find a support group in your area that relates specifically to stress due to legal issues in your profession.
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