The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) has regulatory authority over a wide range of professions in Texas. The TDLR regulates 41 programs in total, including certain health care professionals, cosmetology-related professionals, and many skilled trade workers.
The medical professionals licensed by the TDLR include:

Cosmetology-related professionals licensed by the TDLR include:

Some of the skilled trade workers licensed by the TDLR include:

If your profession is regulated by the TDLR, then you must adhere to the licensing rules and regulations of the Department generally and of your specific program.
The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Disciplinary Process
The TDLR investigates complaints it receives against individuals and entities it licenses. While the disciplinary process and potential for subsequent disciplinary actions can be intimidating, know that the TDLR must give due process to all licensees. This means that if you are the subject of misconduct allegations you will have the opportunity to defend yourself. You also have the right to an attorney during all stages of the disciplinary process and at any legal proceeding.
If allegations made against you result in an investigation, the TDLR will notify you that a formal investigation has been opened and has been referred to the appropriate TDLR Advisory Board. If after the investigation the Advisory Board deems the complaint valid, it may proceed to an informal hearing. If an agreement between the licensee and Board is not reached at the informal hearing, the matter will move to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH).
The impacts of a TDLR investigation and ensuing disciplinary action can be devastating. Disciplinary action can include fines, reprimands, license probation or suspension, or license revocation. Disciplinary actions taken by the TDLR are public information and will appear on the Departments website.

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