Cruise ship

You’ve been planning this dream vacation for the better part of a year. The suitcases are packed with bathing suits for the day and dancing shoes for the night. But then, in the middle of this gorgeous cruise to a warm and sandy destination, things suddenly turn for the worse. Instead of enjoying a drink by the pool, you are joined by more than a hundred of your fellow passengers suffering from a virus that destroys any chance for a relaxing trip.
This was the scenario experienced by many aboard a Houston-based Princess Caribbean ship that returned to port a day earlier than expected. More than 160 guests and eleven crew members fell ill with what is believed to be cases of norovirus. Representatives from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention were on hand and ready to greet the ship on its arrival to determine the definite cause. This is the second time in less than a week that people on a cruise likely have been exposed to the norovirus, as more than 700 passengers were stricken with the virus on a Royal Caribbean ship before returning to land in New Jersey.
Illnesses are going to be spread among individuals. There is no way to prevent that. However, it also is the responsibility of an airline or a shopping mall, or a cruise ship to provide facilities that minimize the risk of a virus or other medical conditions from thriving. Princess Caribbean also should communicate with those on board if a contagious individual has been circulating among the rest of the ship’s population.
If you have fallen ill through the possible negligence of others, whether the circumstances be on a cruise ship or in a classroom, or maybe even at a hospital, the personal injury attorneys at Bertolino LLP can help. We will advocate for the compensation you need to pay for medical bills and to make up for the time you missed from work while you recovered, as well as get you what you deserve for the pain and suffering you experienced. Let us know your situation, and we will let you know what we can do for you!

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