Continuing education requirements due before renewal of texas insurance agent or adjuster license

Before renewing their licenses, Texas insurance agents and adjusters must complete their continuing education credits and pay any fines or fees that are due.
The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) governs agent and adjuster licensing as well as company licensing and registration through the Agent and Adjuster Licensing Office (AAL). The TDI requires a certain amount a continuing education (CE) credits depending on the type of license it issues. The purpose of CE is to keep Texas insurance professionals informed and help them better serve Texas consumers.
What Texas insurance professionals should know about CE credits:
Most licenses require 24 hours of continuing education every two years (every renewal period). County Mutual, Life Insurance Under $25,000, and Limited Lines Agent licenses require 10 hours every two years.
At least half the hours must be classroom or “classroom equivalent”. Some license types require specific topics to be included. Two hours must be ethics-related.
Education credits are earned by taking courses that have been approved by TDI from registered course providers. Each course will indicate the number of hours and whether any count toward the ethics requirement. Courses not certified by TDI may still qualify for CE credits if the course meets certain criteria. A qualifying course must be:

  • offered for credit by accredited colleges, universities, or law schools;
  • part of a national designation certification program;
  • approved for classroom, classroom equivalent, or participatory credit by the continuing education approval authority of a state bar association or state board of public accountancy; or
  • certified or approved for continuing education credit under the guidelines of the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation.

CE credit may also be earned by passing a part of many professional designation programs, which is nationally recognized in the insurance industry and is issued by a not-for-profit organization that has existed for at least five years.
You can view your CE transcript at the Sircon/Compliance Express – Look up Education Courses/Credits Menu here.
Renewing Your TDI License
You will be precluded from renewing your license until your continuing education is complete and you’ve paid any applicable fines. There is a $50.00 fine for each hour of CE credit not completed on time. This fine can be paid using the CE Automatic Fine Payment Voucher from the TDI here.
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