Teachers in the public school system of Texas are subject to the regulation of the Texas Education Agency. This Agency has been chartered by the state legislature with the mission to ensure that students receive a good education. This it achieves through supervision of primary and secondary school administrations, in which it oversees the programs produced by the school system, as well as all of the activities it undertakes, providing any resources or guidance that may be deemed necessary. As part of this oversight, the Agency handles complaints made against teachers working within the public school system.
Indeed, the Agency handles complaints of many types, including instances of falsification or fraud of records or certifications; violation of school programs; misuse of funds that are meant for public education; and educator misconduct.
Complaints made to the Texas Education Agency, unlike complaints made to some other boards, agencies, and commissions in Texas, may not be anonymous. They must be submitted in written form to the Agency. The Agency then processes the complaint and evaluates it for jurisdiction—whether the Agency actually has the power to oversee the content of the complaint—as well as to discern whether the allegations may actually indicate violations. If it decides that they do, then investigators for the Agency will conduct a full investigation into the matter.
If the investigation finds any evidence of educator misconduct—whether it is the conduct alleged or otherwise—the case is then handed forward to the State Board for Educator Certification, which handles elements of discipline. It focuses its ire on problems with contracts, ethical issues, school activities that violate the law, and educators that it considers unfit to continue teaching.
The best chance a teacher alleged of misconduct has—even where the alleged violations never occurred—is to contact a skilled and experienced professional license defense attorney. Teachers should avoid dealing with any element of a formal complaint on their own. Most often a licensee is far too close to the situation to be able to respond with the proper amount of objectivity. It is best to engage an experienced professional license defense attorney at the earliest possible point in the process, so that we can help to manage the scope of any investigation that may be launched.
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