It is a notice dreaded by any licensed professional: a complaint has been filed against you with your licensing board.
If you are on the receiving end of such a notice from a Texas licensing board or other state agency, there are things you need to know.

5 Things To Know When A Complaint is Filed Against Your Occupational License

  1. When someone lodges allegations of misconduct against you, your license, livelihood, and reputation are on the line. Texas licensing boards and state agencies have the power to take a number of disciplinary actions, including license revocation, suspension, probation, and imposing fines.
  2. It is critical that you are mindful of your responses after receiving a complaint notice. Every action you choose to take―or not take―can either help or harm your case.
  3. Do not discuss the complaint allegations with any person who is not your attorney, unless you have a duty to disclose the filing of a complaint against your license. Communications with your attorney are protected under attorney-client privilege. Discussing with colleagues are not protected, and those individuals may be subpoenaed to testify against you.
  4. You have the right to defend yourself and the right to an attorney. Hiring an attorney to help you mount a strong defense serves to protect your license, reputation, fiscal interests, and your career; it does not make you look guilty.
  5. This is not the end of your career. As long as you take the proper steps to protect your license, you are more likely to retain your ability to work in your chosen profession. Alternatively, if you do lose your license, for a time or permanently, there are other opportunities to pursue that will ensure your livelihood.

Defending Your Occupational License

If you receive notification of a complaint lodged against you, we urge you to contact us without hesitation. Our firm believes that immediately consulting an experienced professional license defense attorney to review allegations of misconduct helps ensure the most favorable outcome in your case.
Our law firm helps professionals, like you, keep their licenses when those licenses are under attack by a state agency or board.
The attorneys of BERTOLINO LLP are well-versed in state and federal laws, we know how to win. Our results speak for themselves.
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