The Texas Department of Insurance‘s mission has been defined as protecting the customers of Texas by providing regulation of the insurance industry, with the goals of ensuring a competitive market and making available information. As such, it is in charge of regulating insurance agents and adjusters—setting the standards of their licensure, and making sure they maintain quality in their dealings with customers.
And there are plenty of customers out there making complaints. Among the common types the Department receives are for poor customer service, denial of health care treatment or service, false or misleading advertising, suspicion of insurance fraud, improper denial of claims, and so forth.
An insurance agent or adjuster who finds they are the subject of a complaint over these (or another) allegations must know that their livelihood is on the line. This is especially true in the case of fraud or discrimination claims. All the work that an agent has put into learning their trade and becoming licensed may be stripped from them by the Department if it determines the complaint to have merit. And let’s face it since the Department exists to protect the public rather than to represent agents or adjusters, its staff behaves in a prosecutorial fashion—which means it’s very likely they will assume that an agent is guilty rather than that they are innocent.
So if you are served with notice of a complaint, you should contact an experienced professional license defense attorney, like us here at BERTOLINO LLP, as soon as possible. The more time we have to craft a response, the better. And the earlier in the process we are involved, the more likely you are to achieve a positive outcome—including a possible dismissal of the complaint. This is our specialty—and we all know how much knowledge a specialty requires. But we can’t help if you don’t contact us.
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