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You worked hard to earn your knowledge, skills, and credentials that allowed you to seek licensure in your profession. You know that even a single complaint against your license can irrevocably hard your career, livelihood, and reputation. The unfortunate truth is that no matter how diligent you are, it is always possible for allegations of misconduct to be filed against you with your licensing board.
As soon as you are notified of complaint allegations made against you is the time to consult with a professional license defense attorney with experience handling complaints before your particular licensing board.

Will I Be Notified of Complaint Allegations Made Against Me?

Yes, you will always be notified of complaint allegations lodged against you with your licensing board. However, often licensing boards do not immediately notify a licensee when it receives a complaint.
Although you may not receive a notification right away, you will be given an opportunity to respond to the allegations. You have the right to defend yourself throughout every step of the enforcement process. Further, you have the right to an attorney to protect your rights and help you mount the strongest possible defense against the allegations.
Each licensing board or regulatory agency in Texas has its own enforcement procedures. Moreover, each licensing board has its own procedures dictating how investigations are conducted and complaints resolved.
Typically the licensing board if afforded a certain amount of time to conduct a preliminary investigation after it receives a complaint. At this stage, the board will review the complaint to determine if it has jurisdiction if it involves an individual it licenses and if the allegation if proven, would constitute a violation of Texas law or board rule. During this initial phase, the licensee will not know that a complaint has been lodged against their professional license.
After the licensing board completes its initial review of the complaint it will notify the licensee. When a licensee is notified of a complaint, that means the board decided it has enough information to open a formal investigation into the complaint allegations. At any point you are notified of a complaint filed against you with your licensing board, know that you must take the complaint seriously and that the stakes are high.

Responding to Complaint Allegations

When a Texas license board sends a complaint notification, it also asks for the licensee’s response to the allegations or otherwise informs the licensee of his or her options to attend an informal settlement conference or request a formal hearing. Again, each Texas licensing board has its own enforcement procedures to which it must adhere.
Many boards afford you the opportunity to first respond in writing. Do not squander this opportunity to defend yourself. Crafting a strong initial response to the allegations can affect whether the case is dismissed outright, your ability to negotiate a favorable outcome at an informal settlement, and the ultimate outcome of the case against you.
As soon as you receive a complaint notice, we urge you to consult with a professional license defense attorney who has experience with cases before your licensing board.
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