Child care operations—and the types of complaints they receive

Operators of child care operations in the state of Texas provide a critically important service to society. Workers in every sector of our economy utilize child care to perform their own unique functions—a fact that everyone has become acutely aware of in the COVID-19 pandemic era. Yet, because they are charged with caring for society’s most vulnerable population—children—the State takes a keen interest in the way child care operations are run and takes complaints against them very seriously.
Child Care Licensing (CCL), a subcategory of Texas Health and Human Services, is the Commission charged with the licensure and regulation of child care operations. It ensures that child care providers comply with state licensing rules, standards, and laws. It is also the oversight provider in the case of official complaints made against the licensure of these operations.
Among the most common form of official complaints made against child care operations are:

  • Inappropriate application of discipline;
  • Failure to maintain a safe facility environment;
  • Lack of proper sanitation
  • Failure to provide sufficient nurturing and care;
  • Failure to provide adequate supervision

When CCL receives a complaint of violations of licensing law, of minimum standards, or of behavior such as abuse or neglect in any form of child care operation, it launches an investigation. This investigation is designed to determine whether the allegations made in the complaint are valid and to make sure that children in the care of the operation are receiving adequate protection.
As part of its mandate, CCL may discipline child care operations that it determines to have breached the standards of care. This may take the form of recommendations to aid the operation in gaining compliance with the laws, rules, and minimum standards established by the state. Or it may take the form of enforcement actions ranging from voluntary actions or administrative penalties to corrective actions like evaluation or probation to adverse actions such as license suspension or even full revocation of the license to provide child care.

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