The insurance industry is one fraught with complex rules and regulations. Often centered around health and safety issues—especially for medical and auto—the world of insurance requires enormous responsibility for everyone involved, whether they are buying, selling, or administering to policies. Insurance agents are known to have some of the most stressful jobs in the US. After the initial meeting with a potential customer, there may be an ongoing relationship that lasts for years or even decades, and often more insurance is purchased as policies are added or upgraded. Insurance agents usually put in long hours and are responsible for important paperwork, some of which can be quite complicated.
If you have been involved in a case that triggered an errors and omissions claim, or if a complaint has been filed against you, life has probably become even more stressful for you as an insurance agent. You may be feeling extremely frustrated regarding the complaint, as well as the ensuing process. This is a time to make sure you have the support of your friends and family, as well as an experienced attorney who can guide you every step of the way.
Often, these complaints involve cases worth large sums of money, and whether you have made an error or not, you may be very worried about losing your license. As soon as you have been notified of a complaint through the Texas Department of Insurance, contact an experienced license defense law firm like Bertolino LLP to help you prepare and fight any formal complaints. It is crucial that you respond—and as soon as possible—to avoid risking fines or other enforcement actions when your side of the story has not even been heard.
If you or your company have been fined by the TDI already, you can contest enforcement actions such as fines or other sanctions by seeing that a motion is filed for a rehearing. This motion must be filed within 20 days however, or disciplinary measures become final. If you are waiting on a rehearing, any disciplinary measures already handed out are put on hold until afterward.
The lawyers at Bertolino LLP can work with you in gathering all the facts and building a strong case to protect your insurance license. As soon as you are notified that an investigation is being conducted against you, contact us or call (512) 476-5757 to schedule a case evaluation. We are here to help!

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