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Giving back to the community is an immense privilege to anyone who is able to help out. Our team has always aimed to help those in need, and what could be a more perfect opportunity than the food bank of the state we all live in?

This April 25th, our team has organized a volunteering visit at The Central Texas Food Bank, where they will be helping out with the food sorting in the warehouse for distribution. The Central Texas Food Bank is a leader in the fight against hunger, with over 40 years of service to the community. With the help of private organizations, charitable partners, and the government, they have successfully brought nearly 54 million meals across the state of Texas in the last year. These meals have been distributed to whoever needed the help, from local families to nonprofit organizations.


Volunteers at the Central Texas Food Bank. Bertolino Law is proud to help our community.

We all felt incredibly humbled and privileged to take part in this action against hunger. It has always been said that it is better to give out a helping hand quietly, rather than loudly, but we strongly believe that speaking about our actions towards ending hunger and poverty will encourage others to act the same way. 

We strongly encourage everyone who can help to do so, and there are many ways you can help. Bertolino Law has been working towards the betterment of our community and we truly hope that people around us will share the same vision and goal as us.

The Central Texas Food Bank is always open for donations, be it monetary or food items, and volunteering. Should you ever decide to make a move in this sense, here is where you can find more details.

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