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The Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) oversees the state’s pharmaceutical activities, including the conduct of pharmacists. The board reserves the right to investigate allegations of misconduct and to discipline pharmacists when necessary. Pharmacists in the state of Texas can and should take steps to protect their licenses from unreasonable and career-damaging allegations.
Use these best practices to avoid trouble:

  1. Regularly review pharmacy laws and standards.

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy offers resources to help professionals stay current on rules and regulations. Join the board’s email list to receive updates, and explore electronic copies of applicable federal and state laws via the board’s website.

  1. Document everything.

As the old Chinese proverb reminds us: the palest ink is better than the clearest memory. Documentation reduces the risk of practice oversights, and it can provide evidence of a pharmacist’s compliant behaviors. Use HIPAA compliant patient record systems to maintain patient profiles, create valuable medication notes, and monitor compliance.

  1. Develop your communication skills. (Be clear. Listen. Get feedback.)

Pharmacists often act as the last line of defense against prescription mistakes. Double check prescriptions, and actively question anomalies you find. Don’t assume that the doctor or hospital “got it right.” If you sense that something does not add up about a prescription, seek clarification. Listen actively—both to patients and to other stakeholders in the medication dispensation process, including insurance company representatives, physicians and other pharmacists. Counsel your patient to support medication compliance. Constantly seek to improve these skills.

  1. Create a system of checks and balances.

You are ultimately responsible for what happens in your pharmacy. To that end, you obviously need to recruit and train great people—and to demand remarkable performance from everyone in your orbit. You also, however, need to define, implement and manage smart systems to work on your behalf. For instance, systems can ensure that personnel observe best practices; that records are kept neatly; that routine inventory audits are done; and that the processes themselves improve over time based on feedback. Great systems reduce errors and prevent crises from erupting.
Your License Is at Risk–Now What?
Allegations of misconduct can threaten your reputation and livelihood. An investigation is not a final decision, but pharmacists do need to take proactive steps to protect their licenses. A Texas license defense attorney can help you defend your reputation and practice from license suspension or license revocation sanctions.
BERTOLINO LLP represents pharmacists who experience license trouble throughout the state of Texas. We offer a proactive and aggressive approach to minimize the effects of an investigation on your license and practice.
If the Texas State Board of Pharmacy sends you an investigatory letter, reach out to our team online, or call (512) 476-5757 to discuss your legal options before the board takes disciplinary action.
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