4 actions to take when a licensing board is investigating a complaint against you

It is a difficult day when you receive a notice that a complaint has been filed against you with your licensing board and now you are under investigation. Your career is at risk. Texas licensing boards have the authority to take a number of disciplinary actions against their licenses, including license suspension or revocation. In order to protect your license and mount the best defense against the allegations, take these 4 actions.

  1. Get proactive with your defense.

Address the board complaint head-on from the beginning. Now is not the time to try to avoid this difficult situation due to feelings of stress or overwhelm.
Calendar important dates, gather relevant documents, understand the allegations made against you, and learn about your board’s enforcement process and what your options are moving forward.

  1. Hire a professional license defense attorney.

Consult with experienced professional license defense attorneys. Find an attorney and a law firm who you feel confident in, who you feel you can trust. You do not want to feel like just another number – you want to work with an attorney who cares about the outcome of your case and will advocate zealously on your behalf.
Hire a professional license defense attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you have legal guidance the sooner you can begin to mount a strong defense against the allegations and help secure the best possible outcome in the case against you.

  1. Craft powerful initial responses to the allegations with your attorney.

When the board notifies you of a complaint pending against you, typically you have the opportunity to first respond in writing. It is not uncommon that our firm is able to get cases dismissed outright by the board in these early stages by drafting compelling initial responses.
With your professional license defense attorney, take the necessary time to craft thoughtful , thorough, and powerful initial responses to the allegations made against you. These responses will affect the ultimate outcome of your case.

  1. Keep your emotions in check when addressing the board.

No matter how you feel, it is critical that you maintain a professional demeanor with the investigator, board staff, and others associated with your case. Showing anger or frustration will not help your cause and may, in fact, harm your ability to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. Remain respectful to the board and the process – you want them to see you as the professional you are.

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