It is a letter dreaded by all licensed professionals: a notice that a complaint has been filed against you with your licensing board. You know that a single complaint can spell disaster for your career. Even if you believe the complaint is groundless, it is important to respond to the allegations and mount an effective defense from the start.

3 Actions to Avoid After a Client Files a Complaint Against You

Avoid contacting the licensing board or the person who filed the complaint against you.

Do not contact the board to try to explain your side of the story. Do not contact the person or entity that filed the complaint against you. Nothing good can come of trying to talk your way out of the complaint. There are proper procedures by which you can defend yourself – use those procedures.
Your response to the allegations should be well-thought-out, professional, and delivered in the proper way per the complaint process of your licensing board.

Avoid avoiding: timely reply to the licensing board’s notice of complaint.

Each Texas licensing board operates under their own complaint process, and generally, complaint notices sent to licensees include a deadline in which to respond. Depending on the rules of the board, failure to respond may be a violation of the rule in itself and may lead to license suspension regardless of the merits of the complaint allegations.
Initial responses are critical and will dictate the possible outcomes in the case against you. Ensure your initial responses are timely, thorough, and set the stage for your defense. At our firm, we are often able to get complaints dismissed entirely at this early stage by delivering well-crafted initial responses to the investigation.

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Avoid taking on the licensing board on your own.

You do not have to handle a complaint alone. You have the right to an attorney during all stages of a licensing board’s complaint and investigation process. Having experienced representation helps ensure the best possible outcome in your case. Having an experienced license defense attorney advocate for you helps ensure your rights are protected and that you mount an effective defense against the complaint allegations.
We urge you to hire an experienced professional licensing defense attorney as soon as you are notified of a board complaint filed against you.

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