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Even though we have a fantastic judicial system here in Texas, there are going to be instances in which one of the parties involved in the process takes issue with the decision made by the lower trial court. In Texas, the verdict reached by a judge in the district court can be appealed to the Court of Appeals and then the Texas Supreme Court. If the issue in contention is taking place in federal court, appeals will go through the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and then the United States Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

A legitimate appeal regarding a court's decision can occur for a variety of reasons. Perhaps there was simply a procedural error that did not get addressed by the judge properly. It may be that the sentence handed down is thought to be excessive in light of the crime committed or civil liability asserted. Maybe a discovery was made proving that one of the jurors heard the case with a bias or had somehow been influenced or bribed. The motivations behind a request for an appeal are varied and, while all may not be legitimate, each must be answered by an experienced appellate lawyer.

If you find yourself involved in a case that is being appealed, you can expect the following:

  • A hearing in front of a panel of three appellate judges
  • Consideration only of the evidence that was presented during the original trial
  • A decision that is determined by a majority vote

In the instance that you do not agree with the decision reached in a Texas court room or if you have been informed that another party plans to contest a ruling that was made in your favor, you will want to find an appellate law attorney who is experienced in handling appellate cases.

Appellate law is unique in several ways, so you will need an attorney who offers skills to his or her clients such as:

  • Experience in appellate courts
  • Writing concise legal briefs for the panel of appellate judges to review
  • Comfort appearing before the panel of judges to present a client's argument
  • Research of relevant statutes and precedent decisions made in similar court cases

Bertolino LLP has appellate attorneys who are experienced in the specialized needs surrounding appellate law. We make regular appearances in front of many of the fourteen Court of Appeals found throughout the state of Texas.

If you are preparing to relive a trial, either by choice or due to the petition of another party, make sure the lawyer by your side is one who understands the nature of appellate law. The outcome this time around might not come with another chance.

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