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When you are going through a divorce, it's sometimes difficult to put aside your emotions and work through the details that must be resolved in an objective and calm manner. But particularly when children are involved, finding a way to reach a divorce settlement in a way that minimizes contention and anger is the best alternative whenever possible. Mediation or other alternative resolution techniques are often less time-consuming and less expensive than the traditional procedures that play out in a courtroom, and are accomplished in a way that reduces animosity between the parties involved.

The Texas divorce lawyers at the Bertolino Law Firm are well-versed in this growing field of interest to people who want to reach a legal settlement in a way that encourages compromise and avoids the high court costs that can arise out of litigation. During the mediation process, both parties come together with their own lawyers with the understanding that every effort will be made to reach an agreement on all details through negotiation. If this proves unsuccessful, you always have the option of resolving any remaining issues of contention through family court. Many judges in Texas encourage divorcing couples to attempt this process before coming into the courtroom. That's because the collaborative law process often produces results both parties consider fair and satisfying

If you decide to try mediation to resolve the points of contention in your divorce negotiations, each spouse will come to the table with an attorney and present their cases before an impartial third party. The third party will then review the evidence and share which argument is the most effective. Such decisions in this setting are not legally binding. But they do allow each participant the opportunity to speak their mind and feel that they have been heard concerning important issues such as child custody and alimony. It's also possible that your former spouse will offer more weight to the opinion of a mediator than the person with whom he or she is ending a marital relationship.

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There might be times when engaging in mediated negotiation is just not possible. Sometimes the communication has simply broken down beyond repair. However, if you are open to the idea of mediation or other approaches to collaborative law, this relatively amicable approach to creating a divorce agreement is encouraged. To learn more about collaborative law and the legal options available to you, contact the Bertolino Law Firm. An Austin, TX divorce lawyer at Bertolino LLP can review your specific circumstances and offer recommendations about whether such a resolution approach may work for you.

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