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Tax Implications Of Divorce Are Significant. Contact the Bertolino Law Firm - Divorce Lawyer Austin TX

Many couples don't think about the tax implications of divorce during such an emotional time. But the decisions you make now could have a significant impact on your financial well-being for many years to come. Whether you are ending a marriage that lasted only two years and produced no children or shared property or a union that lasted decades and includes a large family and millions of dollars in mutual assets, the Texas divorce lawyers at the Bertolino Law Firm will work aggressively to make sure you reach a settlement that makes the best out of a difficult and emotional situation.

There are several important areas of your tax law that must be considered when going through a divorce. You need to think about how tax deductions will be apportioned if there are children involved. If you are liquidating any assets to pay for alimony or division of property, are you aware of the related tax implications? There may be outstanding tax liabilities or refunds shared by both partners. In each case, decisions must be made concerning how to handle that money. Even spousal maintenance and child support can have an impact on how you file your taxes and the guidelines you will be expected to follow.

An experienced, detail-oriented family lawyer at the Bertolino Law Firm can help you decide how to deal with each one of these financial matters. We can explain to you the implications of different decisions and work with you to preserve your assets. During a divorce, the last thing you need is a phone call or letter from the IRS accusing you of reporting your taxes in a dishonest or incomplete way. Rely on us - the Bertolino Law Firm - Divorce Lawyer Austin TX.

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With offices in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, the Bertolino Law Firm has divorce lawyers who are well-versed in divorce taxation. We will be aggressive in our efforts to minimize the tax implications of your divorce and maximize the value of your marital estate. In addition, we will document all tax decisions with sound evidence to avoid challenges from the IRS months or even years after your divorce.

The expert attorneys at Bertolino LLP give honest answers to difficult questions. We don't try to play games when people contact us. We think differently. We believe hard work and honesty pay dividends.  That's why we work so diligently on each case. The more prepared you are, the greater the opportunity for success.

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