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One of the most daunting aspects of divorce is the financial impact of such a major decision. Alimony and spousal maintenance payments can help ease the financial burden of divorce. Under Texas law, you may be entitled to one or both payments as you transition to life as a single person. You might also be entitled to child support if you are the primary caregiver for your children after the divorce.

Specific Texas laws exist dictating the determination of spousal maintenance, a legal term often used to refer to alimony in some states. In Texas, there is no right to permanent spousal maintenance and courts cannot require it for more than three years. Also, Texas spousal maintenance is not permitted to be part of the divorce settlement unless you have been married for at least ten years. In terms of asking for some support during the divorce process, Texas courts are more flexible. This is known as temporary spousal maintenance and will often be determined based on need and the other spouse's ability to pay.

During such negotiations, it's critical to have an experienced, knowledgeable divorce lawyer on your side familiar with decisions concerning property and other assets. You need to make sure all of these important issues that involve money are being considered with the divorce taxation implications in mind. You do not want to discover that the IRS is going to challenge your claim of spousal support because the payment looks like it was intended for a different purpose or because the payment made was more than what seems reasonable.

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Having to ask for financial assistance from your spouse as you move through the divorce process is difficult and not a topic that many people want to face. However, you need to make sure you are in a financial position to support your family as you enter this next stage in life. An experienced divorce lawyer in Austin, TX can integrate spousal maintenance negotiations into the entire divorce process in a way that is respectful of both parties and creates the most favorable outcome for the family.

We understand this might be a confusing and emotional time right now in your life. That's why it's even more important than ever to have someone on your side you can trust to look out for your best interests. At the Bertolino Law Firm, we work strictly for you. We want to be your personal legal adviser, guiding you through this process step by step.

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